About Turkey

Short information about Turkey

Turkey is a country lying partly in Asia and partly in Europe. It’s location in two continents has been a factor in it’s history, culture, politics. Turkey has been called a bridge between east and west. The country is an area of 779 452 square km includes 23700 square kilometers in Asia called Anatolia (Anadolu). Turkey in Europe is separated from Anatolia by the Bosporus, the sea of Marmara and the Dardanelles strait form the only sea passage between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

Turkey has been a melting pot of racially and culturally different groups since early prehistoric times. It was penetrated, settled or ruled by Hittites, Phrygians, and Gauls from the north and the northwest, by Greeks and Macedonians from the west, and by Partians and Mongols from the East. The most decisive influence was the incursion of Turks from the East, who introduced a new element of mixed Mediterranean-Mongoloid origin into the country s ethic composition. The rise and the decline of the Ottoman Empire contributed to the racial mixture, particularly during the decline of the Ottoman Empire contributed to the racial mixture, particularly during the empire s decline when many Muslim groups living in former territories in Southern Europe and in countries around the Black Sea migrated to the country. It is at the present almost impossible to define an average Turk ethnically. He may be blond and blue-eyed or even red haired, he may be of long headed Mediterranean stock, or may be Mongoloid with high chick bones.

Turkey is a republic with it’s capital in Ankara. Political authority is centered in the Grand National Assembly. The country is divided into 80 provinces. Each province is sub-divided into districts and each district into villages. Turkiye is also a wonderful land for any taste: for those who are interested in enjoying themselves with sea and sun, for those who are interested in history and culture, for those who want to learn about different places and people, for those who want to feel themselves at home.

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